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Our First Ever Supper Club

Dovers House B and B Looe proudly held its first ever Supper Club event for the teachers and staff at Duloe School last week; and what a successful evening it was too!!!
We have been thinking about holding private parties and supper clubs for our Guests for some time now, and thought it would be ideal for the winter for those who would like to have exclusive use of our B and B for weekends to relax with friends and family.

Our first Supper Club was somewhat of a trial run, to see how we could plan, organise and co-ordinate everything, but we amazed ourselves at how well the evening went and would love to hold more for other interested parties.


The Supper Club had 10 people in attendance for a Three Course Meal where Guests Could bring their own alcohol and provide their own entertainment.

To Read More about our Supper Club visit

Dovers House Bed and Breakfast Near Looe: Another Coastal Walk - Hannafore to Polpero, and the Polperro Festival

Coastal Walk from Hannafore (Looe) to Polperro
Another Day out for Dovers House Bed and Breakfast

There is just so much to do in our local area of East Cornwall, I often comment that if we didn't own a B and B we just wouldn't know anything about it, so I try and promote what I can when I get the Chance!!

We have often taken the Hike from Hannafore to Polperro and back, it is such a lovely walk, and if your not put off by some steep parts, it is well worth it for the Spectacular views.

The walk took us around 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there, it is approximately 4 miles, but after a lot of storm damage over the past couple of years the path does divert a couple of times which makes it feel a bit longer!!

Saturday was an absolute heatwave so we set off thinking the breeze would help - but unfortunately there wasn't much of one!! We ended up in Polperro in much need of refreshment, and couldn't of been greeted with a more welcoming scene: The Polperro Festival in Full Swing; live music, outside bar,
 morris dancers and crowds of beaming people. The Atmosphere was truly unbelievable as what normally seems likes such a quiet little town really proved us wrong.

Bands Played throughout the afternoon, and the local Pubs and Inn's extended the Party by having live music afterwards. A real experience, and one that we would highly recommend for those who have never been.
The celebrations continue for 10 days - so you still have time to pop down and have a look at what is going on...

Dovers House B and B Near Looe - Our Trip to Downderry World Oceans Day

Saturday the 7th of June was a day set to be full of fun and activity; and it certainly was that! 

As it is our first year at Dovers House B and B, we are very keen to get involved in what is going on it our local community. Unfortunately for all those looking forward to the Looe Mini Music Festival and The Grazing on the Quay, these events were cancelled on Saturday due to the weather and moved to July. However this gave us the opportunity to visit World Oceans Day at Downderry Village (just a few miles from our Looe B and B past Seaton Beach).
The Day was clubbed with Seaton, with events such as forradging walks, cooking demonstrations, a huge Paella and a Havana night. 

Unfortunately for us, the running of the Bed and Breakfast meant that we could only attend for a small part of the celebrations, however what we saw was truly amazing: A fantastic Community Spirit, and an education for Young and Old Alike.

The Village Hall was packed with stalls and displays, from Universities to Primary Schools, and from Boats, Beaches and Banana Cake!

We were also privileged to watch a Cooking Demo from The Blue Plates Chef Patron Nick Barclay - a delicious Salmon Recipe. 

 A Great Day for All the Family - I only wish we could have stayed longer!!!

A New Recipe Added to our Collection @ Dovers House B and B Looe - Our Vegetable Potato Cakes

Here at Dovers House Bed and Breakfast Looe, we are always looking for new idea's for interesting Breakfasts for our Guests.

For Guests staying with us in our B and B for more than a few days, a full English can become a little dull, so we always endevour to put a Breakfast Special on daily. We also try and provide different breakfasts for those who are Vegetarian (as the bog standard Supermarket veggie sausage can get a bit old).

Whilst making up another batch of my Homemade Vegetarian Sausages, I thought I would also whip up something a little different to put on as a Special. It is somewhat of a random concoction, but I have to say, these fritters are a delicious change from the Norm.


  • 2 Large Potatoes - boiled and mashed
  • 2 Carrots
  • Around 10 Mushrooms
  • 10 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 Red Onion
  • A Handful of chopped Parsley
  • Around 200g of Mature Cheddar Cheese
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 2 Eggs
  • 3 Slices of Bread (Brown tends to be tastier) made in breadcrumbs
  • Eggs to serve
Method (The easy part!!):
  • Add the Carrots, Mushrooms, Onion and Tomatoes to a food processor and roughly chop.
  • Mix in with the mashed potato, Parsley and Cheese.
  • Season well then add the breadcrumbs and egg.
  • Then heat a frying pan on a low heat, and pack spoonfuls of the mixture into poaching rings/potato cake molds. Remove the mold swiftly and fry for a few seconds before flipping. 
  • For a crispy potato cake you may wish to fry for another 5-10mins, or you can put them into the oven until you are ready to eat them.
  • Top the fritters with either Poached or Fried eggs, or top with Bacon, for that ultimate breakfast indulgence and a sprinkle of ground black pepper and or some more grated cheese. 

For more Recipes follow our weekly blog, and to find out more about our B and B near Looe visit 

Exploring More of the Coastline - Millendreath to Seaton from our B and B near Looe

Exploring More of the Coastline - Millendreath to Seaton from our B and B near Looe

Last Thursday was perhaps the hottest day in Looe we have had here so far, and wow it was Gorgeous!!

We had the rare luminary of having no Guests booked in, so thought we would take the opportunity to explore more of our beautiful local area of Looe and try some more of the Coastal Path.

 The Walk from Millendreath Beach to Seaton Beach was around 2.5miles, however due to damage in the storms over the winter some of the path had to be diverted (so I'm sure we walked longer really!). We walked there and back so walked around a total of 5 miles, though if we had walked straight from our B and B near Looe it would of been an extra 1.4miles each way.

The Walk starts off at the turning circle in Millendreath at the beach entrance and weaves up the hill to the left, around a small collection of houses and up a narrow lane. It is quite a hilly walk but well worth it for the spectacular views, within about half a mile you should be on the top of the hill admiring the panoramic views.

Continue Reading about this walk from our blog:

We have a New Dovers House 'Recipes' Blog

We have a New Dovers House 'Recipes' Blog

Take a look at Our Recipe Creations on our blog:

We may just be a small Bed and Breakfast, but we have an enormous passion for food and baking. You may notice by the blog that our sweet tooth definitely rules at the moment but we will be adding some savory delights also.

Check out our Recipes for our Homemade Fudge (something we would soon like to be selling at our little Looe B and B to our Guests) , cheesecakes and other desserts.

So Far we have three posts: for our Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake, Our Mango and Ginger Cheesecake, and our Maple Nut Fudge.

Dovers House Bed and Breakfast in Looe Now has its 4 Star AA Rating

Dovers House Bed and Breakfast in Looe Now has its 4 Star AA Rating

I'm just so excited and so proud of our achievement I just had to blog about it!!!!

Last Wednesday, we had a Guest come to stay just for one night at our Looe Bed and Breakfast. She was lovely, very pleasant, and wanted 'no trouble at all' as she was on Business....

That 'Business' turned out to be AA business! We had an inkling it may have been an inspection - a few tell tale signs but nothing too stand out. It was good to see that she was impressed with our Rooms and our Bed and Breakfast in general. As it was our first we were all sat wondering if this was a mystery inspection.

At Breakfast, we were please to see that our Guest was very happy with her poached eggs and our continental array of breakfast items. And on check out it was announced that we had just had our first mystery over night inspection and that we had been awarded 4 Stars.

We are so pleased with the report and that we are on track with the service we are providing. Our report had some lovely comments and we were particularly impressed with the phrase 'Thoughtful and generous accessories provided, particularly the Victoria Sponge cake, "Wow" '.

Our new AA rating will hopefully encourage more Guests to come and visit Dovers House Bed and Breakfast in Looe.

Our Open Day at Dovers House Bed and Breakfast in Looe

Saturday 26/04/14 was our first ever Open Day at Dovers House Bed and Breakfast Looe.

The purpose of the Open Day was to introduce ourselves to the Looe Community as the Proud New Owners of our Looe Bed and Breakfast and to showcase what we offer to our Guests and how we have changed the B and B in terms of decor and in the services we offer. It also gave us the opportunity to invite friends and family to come and have a look around too.

There were quite a few preparations that took place in the lead up to our Open Day - mainly getting it know that we were holding it! So I made up some flyers and literally went knocking on doors along St Martins Road to introduce myself. Dad and I also did a trawl of Looe town and Harbour, going into all the shops and cafes to let them know what we were about and to advertise the fact that we really want to be part of the Looe Community. Everyone in the town was so friendly; one lady even said 'If there's a B and B in Looe that can serve a decent cup of tea I'm there!'.

We also tried a bit of social media to advertise our event - twitter, facebook and a few emails here and there. And then of course we had to ensure there was plenty of cake to go around, and recruited some excellant helpers to give us a hand with all the washing up!!

The day came and we couldn't of asked for worse weather, which was such a shame as we were worred it may stop people from wanting to venture out.

However it didn't!! We had our first visitor just after 9am, a Councillor from Looe, and after a slow start after that, the house soon filled up and was bursting at the seems with families, couples and generally interested people.

We had visitors from local business, schools, Cornwall Council, and many more - and everyone seemed happy with the ample tea, coffee and cake!!

Everyone had the grand tour and had brilliant feedback to give us. We really couldn't of asked for much better.

I would just like to give a mention to everyone that came to our Open Day - Thank You for coming and taking a look at our Bed and Breakfast in Looe.

And Thank you to all those who helped us on the day too - your support was invaluable.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and would be happy to recommend our Looe B and B - Dovers House.

Dovers House Bed and Breakfast Looe - Our Visit to Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary

Dovers House Bed and Breakfast Looe - Our Visit to Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary

 Yesterday 14/04 was a fantastic day out for my Father and I. As the proud new owners of Dovers House Bed and Breakfast Looe, we are always thinking of activities and local attractions that would interest our Guests.
We are also keen to support our local community and charities...
We definately found a project and destination that ticks all of those boxes!!

 We could not have picked a nicer day to take a trip out from Looe. The Monkey Sanctuary is just 1.9 miles from our Looe Bed and Breakfast; there were some narrow lanes but really nothing unusual for Cornwall and definately not as bad as most!

 The Monkey Sanctuary is located in the most idyllic spot you almost feel a bit jealous of the Monkeys as they have a daily view over the Coastline up to Rame Head that really cannot be beaten.

We could not get over the fact that all the Monkeys are kept in such lovely conditions. All of the Monkeys there have been rescued from the Pet trade and entertainment industry and some were kept in terrible conditions. Most of the Monkeys have had very traumatic lives, but at Wild Futures they work really hard to make them 'Monkeys again' - integrating them into groups of their peers, and treating them as wild animals rather than as pets. By giving them enrichment and letting them forridge for food, and keeping a healthy distance, this gives the Monkeys the varied lived they deserve whilst preventing them from being 'tamed'.

 The personalities of these guys are just amazing to witness; on a sunny day it really was difficult to tear ourselves away - but we had to go back and tend to our Guests.

We met some fantastic keepers at the Sanctuary who are all so passionate about what they do. The ethic of the Sactuary almost hums through the trees - of peace, kindness to nature and a relaxing environment for both people and animals.

All in all - an excellent day out for everyone - whether young children or adults wanting to experience the serenity of the Sanctuary.

We are happy to announce to our Guests that we are going to work with the Monkey Sanctuary as our charity. In this respect, proceeds from our reading library where we allow guests to purchase books will alll go to the Sanctuary. We are also going to be selling tickets directly to our Guests at a 10% discount.

So if you are thinking of staying in a Looe Bed and Breakfast like ours, please think about visiting the Sanctuary and seeing all it has to offer.

Dovers House Bed and Breakfast - Promoting Cornwall Video

Dovers House Bed and Breakfast - Promoting Cornwall Video

We had a call a few days ago from Cornwall Business forum to ask whether we would like to get involved in two videos. Cornwall business forum work with local businesses to help promote them and Cornwall overall.

The videos were:

1. To promote Looe, Cornwall and the tourism industry. This was largely because Looe has suffered with bad press lately with the flooding during the winter and the affects of the storms on its roads etc. A fellow B&B owner in Cornwall described the press coverage as displaying Cornwall as 'closed for business' which I felt described it perfectly.

We really wanted to get involved in promoting our beautiful area and what Looe really has to offer for its tourists.

2. The second video would be to promote us as Dovers House Bed and Breakfast Cornwall. The video was something we would be able to display on our website as well as use in Social Media such as our Facebook pages and Twitter pages.

They certainly picked a stunning day; Looe really looked at its best and our B&B was sparkling after the preparations we had made in the garden for the filiming our our new venture. We were really pleased to take out some of our garden furniture and really showcase our Bed and Breakfast with a difference; as B&B's in Looe often don't have to ample garden and parking space that we have here.

The filiming took place in all Guest areas of the house; all the rooms were filmed and we showcased what we had to offer. The breakfast room was aglow on such a sunny day which hopefully showed up well on Camera.

There was a short interview which was very nerve wracking. I was nominated as the interviewee while Dad watched and laughed from inside the house!

The questions really got me thinking about what a stunning area we live in and how ecclectic it really is.

I had to think about what makes Looe Cornwall particularly special?

I didn't really know where to begin as there is just so much Looe has to offer - its diverse in so many ways: its food, entertainment and its accommodation. I concentrated on the activities that could be enjoyed such as the Beach, amusements, pubs, cafes, national trust properties, walks along the beautiful coastline. I could of gone on forever, as I really have fallen head over heels for Looe!!

.... To continue reading visit our blog

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